It seems that these weekend posts are becoming a habit.  This time around, we’ll announce the contest winners and then get into some money links from around the web.

Contest Winner

Earlier this week I reviewed the book Work The System.  As we typically give away a free copy of the book reviewed, this time is no different!  Out of the 93 entries, AndyBuck was randomly chosen as the lucky winner!

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News and Links

The biggest money news in Canada this week was that the Bank of Canada has held interest rates steady.  It’s pretty much what I expected but what surprised me was the “expectation” that they would drop rates even further.

Generation X Finance explains How to Increase the Value of Your Home by 5% to 11% With Little Effort and Little Money.

Lazy Man and Money has a guest post on the topic of Easy and Cheap Home Remodels.

The Digerati Life asks How Much Would You Pay For Prime Real Estate? Would you pay $1,000/sq foot for a place to live? I wouldn’t.

The Sun’s Financial Diary shows us that Commodities Make It and Commodities Break It.

Money Smart Life has a great wedding series with an article explaining how to save money on wedding receptions.

Brip Blap bluntly shows us that the common thread in your bad jobs is YOU.

My Dollar Plan lists 10 College Money Myths.

Frugal Dad has an interesting article on money and companionship in “Attention Ladies, Saving Money Tops List of Frugal Male Turn Ons.” Personally, I love a little frugality in a woman!

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