Tax Minimization

Child Care Benefits: Spousal Amount, UCCB, and CCTB!

By FT / July 3, 2007 /

Some examples of child care benefits include the spousal amount, uccb, and cctb.  Last week, I answered a reader question regarding whether it was better financially for one spouse to stay at home with the kids, or for both parents to be working. From within the answer that I put together, I mentioned the Spousal…

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Flow Through Share Examples!

By FT / June 11, 2007 /

In my article “How Flow Through Shares Work“, I didn’t give many examples of actual flow through shares or mutual funds that hold them. A reader, “Chewy” has left a recent comment on the research that he has done in the field, and he has come up with a list of his favorite mutual funds…

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Should I Incorporate my Small Business?

By Ed Rempel / May 24, 2007 /

Here is another entry from Ed Rempel regarding if you should incorporate your small business. I was asked this question from Qubikal, but I asked Ed to answer as he has experience in this field. This topic was requested by a reader and is a question I am often asked. The issues are all tax…

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Tax Tips: Your Blog as a Business!

By FT / May 1, 2007 /

As this blog continues to grow in terms of traffic and income, it would be prudent to consider it as a separate personal business for taxation purposes. What advantages does this give a blogger? For one thing, it gives me a bunch of tax deductions that I can claim come the end of April (or…

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Charitable Donation Tax Credit – Part 2 (Strategies)

By FT / March 7, 2007 /

Continuing on from yesterday’s discussion on the Charitable Donation Tax advantages and how it works, I’ll now move onto some of the strategies that I’ve come across to maximize the tax credit. Tax Strategies Some of you may be just starting out on your charitable giving pursuit and donating less than $200/year. Here are some…

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Charitable Donation Tax Credit – Part 1 (How it Works)

By FT / March 6, 2007 /

I’m a big fan of donating or tithing to charity. As I mentioned in my “financial goals for 2007” I’m trying to increase my donations this year to about $1200 ($100/month) from the $500 donated in 2006. Our ultimate goal though is to donate 10% of our gross salary to charity which today would be…

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