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The Readvanceable Mortgages

DIY Smith Manoeuvre II – The Readvanceable Mortgages

By FT December 12, 2007

The Readvanceable Mortgage Canadian Capitalist contacted me to write part 2 of his DIY Smith Manoeuvre 3 part series. Part 1 more or less introduces…

National Bank’s All-in-One Review

By FT August 7, 2007

Today's article is a guest post from The Financial Blogger who writes about his experience with the National Bank All-in-One mortgage.  This mortgage product is…

Using The Smith Manoeuvre

Using the Smith Manoeuvre: My Scenario

By FT April 12, 2007

As promised, I will be discussing my personal scenario regarding using the Smith Manoeuvre. The spreadsheet provided by Cannon_Fodder was a great help and reinforced…

Smith Manoeuvre Calculator Spreadsheet

Smith Manoeuvre Calculator/Spreadsheet

By FT April 11, 2007

Smith Manoeuvre Calculator/Spreadsheet for Excel By now, most people here know that I’m interested in the Smith Manoeuvre. If you are new to this concept,…

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