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How to save money in Canada: tips and tricks on money saving by the staff of Million Dollar Journey, one of Canada’s oldest and most detailed Personal Finance blogs.

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Cutting the Cord – A Comprehensive Guide

By Guest Blogger February 10, 2014

$275 for cable, internet and phone? I could lease a car for that price. Over the past 12 years of being a Rogers customer I…

The Joy of Cycling: How I Save $6,182 a Year by Going Car-Free

By Sean Cooper October 31, 2013

Rob Carrick of the Globe and Mail recently wrote an article that really struck a chord on the real cost of owning a car. For…

Consumer Problems and Recourses

By Clark May 29, 2013

As a consumer, we are bombarded with advertisements for various products and it requires due diligence on our part to get the best value for…

6 Ways to Save Money on your Disney World Vacation

By FT May 13, 2013

Being a parent usually means that a Disney World vacation is in the cards sooner or later. While Disney World is a lot of fun…

Energy Efficiency Programs/Financial Incentives – Saskatchewan and Manitoba

By Clark March 27, 2013

This is the final post of the series on energy-efficiency programs and financial incentives. We will conclude the series by looking at offers for  Saskatchewan…

How to Search for and Claim an Unclaimed Balance

By Clark January 30, 2013

As careful as most people want to be with their money, there are occasions when money in the form of a cheque, savings account, GIC,…

How to Live Frugally in B.C.

By Guest Blogger January 2, 2013

As one of the most beautiful provinces to live in, British Columbia is also one of the most expensive provinces to live in. This is…

Learn How to Haggle in 6 Easy Steps

By Guest Blogger August 22, 2012

When you’re buying big ticket items in-store or negotiating prices for various services, it never hurts to try and haggle. But there are some general…

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