RESP Portfolio Update – December 2012

By FT / December 19, 2012 /

It’s been a couple of years since my last RESP portfolio update and probably would have been longer if it wasn’t for a reader request for a quick update. Since the last update, there has been a big change.  Instead of managing one RESP, now there are two!  We have the RESP accounts setup separately, but…

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RESP Portfolio Update – March 2010

By FT / March 22, 2010 /

It’s been over year since my last RESP portfolio update and probably would have been longer if it wasn’t for a reader request for a quick update. Our RESP portfolio for our child is setup with TD e-Series mutual funds which provide a low cost way to index the market.  I chose to go with mutual funds…

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Catching up on RESP Contributions/CESG

By FT / January 14, 2010 /

There was a question left in the “How RESP’s work” thread asking about carrying forward CESG amounts in the case of years with smaller RESP contributions.  It makes sense, there are years where contributing $2500 to an RESP to maximize the CESG ($500) from the government can be a bit tough to achieve. There is…

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Funding Your Childs Post Secondary Education

By FT / November 4, 2009 /

A recent article by the Globe and Mail regarding the increasing cost of Post Secondary tuition hit close to home.  In the article, it is projected that a child born today going to University 18 years from now would face a cost of over $100,000 for a typical 4 year program.  To add salt to the…

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To RESP or Not: Should we be funding our children’s higher education?

By Kathryn / July 22, 2009 /

Brendan wrote an interesting comment in the post on Radically Frugal which got me thinking. What’s with the RESP thing? What happened to kids getting a summer job and paying their own way? Don’t do it, and use the money to enjoy life with your kids before you die, or end up crippled in a…

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RESP Portfolio Update – Feb 2009

By FT / February 11, 2009 /

A few readers have requested that I do a blog post about the performance of my Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) portfolio based on the TD e-series low cost mutual funds.  As I’ve written before, I chose the TD RESP solution as it provided a low cost way to index the bambinos education fund.  In…

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Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

By FT / January 17, 2009 /

RESP? I’m getting to the stage in my life where I have to start considering kids into my life plan. How will kids fit into the financial picture? How will I teach my kids proper financial values? How will I help pay for their education? The last question, “How will I help pay for their…

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The RESP Strategy

By FT / May 1, 2008 /

ABC Stocks asked me to post about my RESP strategy. As mentioned in my post on “Having a Newborn – Getting down to business“, I plan on opening a TD e-funds account (non aff) and buying cheap index based mutual funds. Why TD e-funds? What I really like about the TD e-funds setup is that…

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