Smith Manoeuvre Portfolio – April 2008

By FT / April 29, 2008 /

Since the beginning of MDJ, I have talked about the Smith Manoeuvre. For those of you just joining us, The Smith Manoeuvre is a wealth strategy that utilizes a home equity loan to invest in income producing assets. The result is a tax deductible loan and portfolio that increases as you pay down your mortgage.…

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Asset Allocation: June 2007

By FT / June 21, 2007 /

There has been a lot of talk of Asset Allocation around the blog world so I thought I’d join in. Based on my current portfolio, here is my asset mix of my investments (not including savings and pension): Total Portfolio: $184,773 (obtained from my May Net Worth Statement) Cash: $32,000 (17.3%) Bonds: $3,870 (2.1%) Equities:…

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