Net Worth Updates

January 2007 Net Worth Update (+4.43%)

By FT / January 9, 2007 /

It’s time for the January 2007 net worth update! This time around, I decided to include my wifes pension account as it would more accurately represent our net worth. Assets Cash: $4500 (this fluctuates) Savings: $26000 Registered Investment Account: $33800 Pension: $16000 Non-Registered Investment Account: $40700 Real Estate: $ 266500 (2 properties) Vehicles: $18000 (2…

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Net Worth: December 2006

By FT / December 9, 2006 /

So I want to keep track of my net worth on a monthly basis but I’m undecided whether I want to post it over the Internet. However, how else are you readers going to know how I’m progressing? I always find it interesting reading other personal finance blogs to see how their net worth is…

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