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Bah Humbug! : 3 Ways to Be More Like Scrooge

This column was originally posted last Christmas. A Christmas Carol is one of my favourite redemption stories. Charles Dickens introduces Ebenezer Scrooge as a wealthy but miserly man whose quest to save money hurts himself and others around him. In the end, he is a changed man. Scrooge gets a bad reputation because we tend…

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Lending Money to Friends

This is a column from regular contributor Clark. I’ve read that one should avoid loaning money to friends (and relatives) and do so only if it is money or relationship they can afford to lose. I’ve not loaned money to anyone yet, but I’ve been the beneficiary a couple of times during my school days.…

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How Much Does a Year of Happiness Cost?

This is a guest column from travel and personal growth enthusiast, Lily. This past spring, I made a huge investment in my happiness. I left my secure corporate job to pursue my interests in travel, web design and personal growth. My entire year off would be funded from hard-earned personal savings. The financial implications were…

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The Secret World of Private Banking

I’ve read more personal finance books than I care to admit. I’ve had more conversations about money with people than I’ve had about most other subjects. I enjoy getting a new perspective on money. There always seems to be something new to learn. Recently I found out about a side of banking I’d never heard…

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Life’s Lessons Are Not School Chemistry Chapters

A couple I know recently welcomed their first child. The husband, an engineer by profession, was the sole breadwinner. He lost his job in this economic downturn and has been unemployed for the last few months. So? There are probably hundreds of thousands of people in a similar situation i.e., single income families, with a…

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Selling Hope: The Ethics of Lottery Tickets

In early November Kirby and Marie Fontaine, each without the other’s knowledge, bought a Lotto Max ticket. Both in their 30s, two kids at home, living in a mobile home they were down to their last few dollars. She worked in a care home. He had to give up his position in security because of…

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Financial Pet Peeves

We’ve all got pet peeves, you know those little things that drive you crazy in life. I have a few. Lately I started thinking about some of my financial pet peeves. These are my top three. 1. Sales tax on used items When someone buys a new car they pay sales tax on it. It…

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