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Dividend Investing, Decade in Review, Women and Money, Balanced Portfolios and More!

By FT December 23, 2019

Sponsored RBC InvestEase is a robo-advisory service that is very competitive in the Canadian market place.  Not too long ago, I mentioned that they launched…

Introducing new MDJ Team Members and Weekly Money Links

By FT November 25, 2019

New MDJ Team Members If you’ve noticed a new “face” around the Million Dollar Journey office the past couple of weeks it’s because I’ve decided…

Being Grateful, Re-balancing your Portfolio, Recession is Coming, It’s Hard to Buy Nice Things, and More!

By FT October 15, 2019

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving long weekend!  If you take a moment to reflect, there are so many reasons to be grateful. …

Free Canadian Financial Summit tickets, Getting Retirement Ready, Living off Dividends and More!

By FT September 23, 2019

Sponsored RBC InvestEase contacted me to help spread the word on a new educational initiative that they started to help beginner investors.  As they have…

Money when New to Canada, Adding REITs to Your Portfolio, Smith Manoeuvre with Cottages and More!

By FT July 22, 2019

Freebie of the Month If you are a reader of MDJ, you will know that I’m a fan of Questrade discount brokerage. I opened an account with…

Exclusive Dividend Newsletter Promotion, Tim Hortons Rewards, and the Risks of Joint Bank Accounts!

By FT April 15, 2019

Dividend Stocks Rock Exclusive MDJ Promotion (sponsored) I mentioned this exclusive promo in a recent MDJ newsletter blast but I’ll share it here for readers…

Dividend Increases, New All-in-One ETFs, Top Ranked Credit Cards, and More!

By FT February 25, 2019

For dividend investors out there, there have been some solid dividend increases to start off the year. I usually update the increases during my quarterly…

$150 Gift Card Offer, TFSA Limit Increase, and Monday Money Links

By FT November 26, 2018

Deal of the Week – $150 Gift Card Offer  We all love credit card freebies right?  Our partners at Credit Card Genius are offering to…

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