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Frugal Recipes

Frugal Recipe: Protein Packed Chilli

This is a guest post by Nurseb911 who is the owner and author of Triaging My Way To Financial Success. His blog provides information on a number of topics that benefit new and experienced investors by using a common sense approach to investing. His site focuses on value and dividend based investing with perspectives from…

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Frugal Recipe: Beef Stew

With the positive response from my last frugal chicken recipe, I will post another one of my favorite recipes.  Beef Stew is high in protein and flavour, low in fat and cost.  In addition, beef stew is usually cooked in bulk so that it will feed a large family and/or multiple meals. What you'll need:…

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Frugal Recipe: Cooking a Whole Chicken

Ever wonder how to cook a whole chicken?  I was preparing supper yesterday evening and I realized that I don’t post a lot about cooking here on MDJ.  Cooking/recipes can become a popular topic as everyone eats and why not save some money while your at it? This recipe is for cooking a whole chicken. …

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