Financial Goals

Financial Goals 2007 Report Card

By FT / January 2, 2008 /

It’s the beginning of 2008 which means it’s time to to look back at my financial goals for 2007 and see if my original financial goals for the year were met.  It’s report card time! Goal #1: Increase passive/alternative income to $500/mo  (Grade: A+) Final Report: Our passive/alternative income well surpassed the $500/mo. What I…

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Financial Goals Progress: June 2007

By FT / June 14, 2007 /

As I was reviewing my financial goals for 2007 the other day, it dawned on me that it’s half way through 2007! I figure now is a good time to discuss my progress thus far. I have listed my goals and progress below: Goal #1: Increase passive income to $500/mo Progress: As I last reported…

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Passive Income Update – May 2007

By FT / May 10, 2007 /

It’s been a little while since I’ve last talked about passive income. To be completely honest, we’ve been more focused on saving and investing in capital appreciating products than generating passive income. Is passive income the key to financial freedom? I think that it could be! If your passive income can meet or exceed your…

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Passive Income Goals and Update

By FT / January 26, 2007 /

I know, I keep harping on passive income. Why? It’s because I believe that when my passive income exceeds my living expenses, I’ll consider myself financially free. Yes, that is a definition ripped straight from Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad/Poor Dad, but it makes sense to me. As stated as one of my goals for…

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Goals for the New Year (2007)!

By FT / December 24, 2006 /

With 2007 fast approaching, it is soon time to discuss and plan out my goals for the new year. I’ve never been one to set goals at a beginning of the year but maybe I will start now. Here are my goals for 2007: Goal #1: Increase our passive income to at least $500/month. Right…

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