Financial Goals

8 Financial Resolution Ideas for 2010

By Kathryn / December 29, 2009 /

Every year I make out a list of goals or resolutions for the year to come. I keep my list in google spreadsheets so that I can track my progress and see how I’ve done at the end of the year. I try to make the list reasonable and attainable. Here are 8 Ideas for…

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2008 Financial Goals Report Card

By FT / January 6, 2009 /

Time for the annual financial goal report card. I set these goals at the beginning of the year to help bring focus to what I want to achieve financially. What’s a better way to stay focused than to make the goals public to thousands of readers! 2008 was a big and busy year for our…

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Financial and Blog Goals for 2008

By FT / January 3, 2008 /

It's the beginning of the year and time again to declare my personal and blog goals for 2008.  As indicated by yesterdays Financial Goals for 2007 Report Card, last year was a success in terms of the goals that I set and what I was able to achieve. This year, however, may be a bit…

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Financial Goals 2007 Report Card

By FT / January 2, 2008 /

It's the beginning of 2008 which means it's time to to look back at my financial goals for 2007 and see if my original financial goals for the year were met.  It's report card time! Goal #1: Increase passive/alternative income to $500/mo  (Grade: A+) Final Report: Our passive/alternative income well surpassed the $500/mo. What I…

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Public Declaration

By FT / November 5, 2007 /

The Financial Blogger has tagged me to commit to a personal goal and make it public to my readers.  This blog is all about goals and commitment.  I have already written about my million dollar net worth goal and my financial goals for the year along with updates, what more should I write about? Well,…

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After Tax Savings Rate – Oct 2007

By FT / October 10, 2007 /

Since joining the blog world, I have discovered that we have quite the few frugal Canadian bloggers out there.  I thought I was pretty frugal, but there are others who are saving much more than me.  For example, I came across a post by The MoneyGardner and how his household after tax savings rate is…

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Financial Goals Progress: June 2007

By FT / June 14, 2007 /

As I was reviewing my financial goals for 2007 the other day, it dawned on me that it’s half way through 2007! I figure now is a good time to discuss my progress thus far. I have listed my goals and progress below: Goal #1: Increase passive income to $500/mo Progress: As I last reported…

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Passive Income Update – May 2007

By FT / May 10, 2007 /

It’s been a little while since I’ve last talked about passive income. To be completely honest, we’ve been more focused on saving and investing in capital appreciating products than generating passive income. Is passive income the key to financial freedom? I think that it could be! If your passive income can meet or exceed your…

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