Should you accumulate debt and how much of it? How do you pay off debt? Should you co-sign for your child? How debt collectors work and how to conduct yourself if you owe money? All your debt questions are addressed on Million Dollar Journey, one of Canada’s oldest and most detailed Personal Finance blogs.

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My Mortgage is Paid Off – Now What?

By FT September 14, 2015

Conventional wisdom to building wealth is to get a mortgage, buy a house, save some money, and retire in your 60’s with your colleagues.  However, not…

The Basics of Credit Reports

By Clark May 20, 2010

This is a column by regular contributor Clark. What is a credit report and credit score? A credit report is the record of a consumer…

Is It Smart To Co-Sign for Your Child?

By Guest Blogger March 4, 2010

I imagine, from a parent’s perspective, the prospect of co-signing for a son/daughter’s credit card stirs up a number of emotions and thoughts. There could…

How to Pay off Debt: Lowest Balance or Highest Interest First?

By Kathryn July 28, 2009

When it comes to debt, which is better – paying off the highest interest debts first or the ones with the lowest balance? My answer…

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