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Canadian credit card comparison and reviews are readily available on Million Dollar Journey. Discover which are the best cashback credit cards for young Canadians, which are the best for small businesses, and whether should you use no-fee cards. All the best credit cards from Amex, Scotiabank, Tangerine, Simplii, MBNA, Walmart and many more are reviewed, rated and compared.

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MBNA SPG Credit Card Discontinued?

By FT September 2, 2009

It’s official folks, with great disappointment MBNA Canada has officially discontinued its popular Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Credit card (thanks to Nabeel for the heads…

American Express Business Gold – Free Flight for Signing Up!

By FT March 10, 2009

I received a reader tip last week about a new promotion that the American Express Business Gold card is having, it’s almost too good to…

Should I Withdraw from RRSP’s to Pay Credit Card Debt? RRSP Withholding Tax Explained!

By FT August 26, 2008

I’ve gotten a couple emails from readers lately regarding getting rid of their credit card debt by withdrawing from their RRSPs/retirement account. My first thought…

Visa Infinite Credit Cards

By FT July 16, 2008

With VISA being a public company now, they are looking for ways to spread their reach and make more money. One way is to compete…

Top Cash Back Credit Card in Canada II – Capital One Aspire Cash World Mastercard

By FT September 12, 2007

The last time I posted about top cash back credit cards in Canada, I picked the MBNA Smart Cash Card credit card that returns 1.0%…

American Express Centurion (Black) Credit Card

By FT August 6, 2007

Have you guys ever heard of the mystic “black” credit card that no credit limit that some rich and famous people use? This card used…

MBNA SPG (Starwood) Credit Card Review

By FT December 19, 2006

Update: This card has been discontinued, you can check out my other favorite cash back credit cards. Do you use a rewards based credit card…

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