High End Chequing Account Comparison

By FT / June 11, 2009 /

As a frugalist, I’m all about the free chequing accounts.  Whether it’s completely free, like what PC Financial offers, or free after keeping a minimum balance.  However, I was doing some surfing on available chequing accounts from the big banks and noticed a big variation in their high end accounts.  The fees varied from $12.95/month…

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Consumer Tip: Scanning Code of Practice

By FT / May 25, 2009 /

Scanning Code of Practice (SCOP) Did you know that if a major retailer scans your item for the incorrect price that you may qualify for a discount on that item?  Sometimes the store may give the item to you free simply because of the error! Most major retailers in Canada follow a voluntary rule that’s…

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Canadian Online DVD Rental Comparison

By FT / September 16, 2008 /

While in the process of upgrading my home entertainment center, I’ve purchased a new high definition LCD TV along with a planned Blu-ray player. Next, I’ll need access to some high definition movies! As the type of person who enjoys watching a movie once, renting rather than buying movies is my preferred choice. The downside…

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Hybrid vs. Gasoline Vehicle Comparison – Are Hybrid Vehicles Worth it?

By FT / June 9, 2008 /

Are hybrid vehicles worth it?  With record high gas prices due to the price of oil, I’m sure that most car owners out there have major concerns over their gas usage. Over the past 10 years, the cost of gasoline has grown 250%! This got me thinking, with the newer “gas friendly” hybrid cars/SUV’s out…

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