Roadside Assistance Comparison

By FT / February 8, 2010 /

I’ve never really given thought about buying roadside assistance protection before as I considered it just another unnecessary cost.  However, with an alternator failure the other day in our 8 year old car, it made me think about what it would cost to get a tow truck should I ever need one.   Along the same line of thought,…

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Unlimited Chequing Accounts in Canada

By Kathryn / November 26, 2009 /

There are a number of options for unlimited banking in Canada. These are a few from Canada’s most popular banks. I was disappointed to hear recently that citizensbank no longer offers a personal banking option. Share with us here if you know of other Canadian banks that offer unlimited free transactions or where it’s possible…

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How Car Lease Payments are Calculated

By FT / November 23, 2009 /

With the new 2010 Honda CRV released, a renewed interest in a replacement vehicle has occurred in our household. After browsing around the auto makers website, I was curious as to the difference between purchase and lease payments. As someone who likes to pay cash for everything to avoid the interest, I’ll reluctantly admit that…

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Why Canadians Don’t Redeem Coupons

By Guest Blogger / November 5, 2009 /

According to the Coupon Industry Association of Canada*, in 2006, Canadians redeemed 100 million of 3.6 billion coupons available. Canadian consumers that did redeem coupons saved over $134 million dollars. This sounds like a lot of coupons redeemed, but when you calculate the amount of unredeemed coupons it is astounding. With an average face value…

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Tips for Buying and Selling on Kijiji (or Craigslist)

By Kathryn / October 22, 2009 /

Kijiji is a service that allows anyone to post free online classified ads. You don’t even need to register to post an ad. Kijiji and Craigslist are just two examples of extremely popular no-cost online classified services. Last week I covered What I Like About Kijiji. This week is all about tips for buying and…

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Currency Exchange – Getting the Best Deal

By FT / August 4, 2009 /

With the Canadian dollar (CAD) again making an aggressive move towards parity with the U.S Dollar (USD), deal seeking Canadians are probably looking to pick up some of the cheap greenback.  One hurdle though when purchasing USD are the fees involved. As someone who likes to minimize fees, I went on the search for some…

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Buying a Car from the U.S – The Pros/Cons and Process

By FT / July 27, 2009 /

My last post on the car research that I’m doing spurred a great deal of interest with some readers requesting more information on purchasing a car across the border. If you didn’t know already cars in the U.S, for the most part, have a much lower price tag than the exact same vehicle sold in…

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Buying a Car – The Research

By FT / July 23, 2009 /

As I mentioned in my last net worth update, I am in the process in doing some research on replacing my 8 year old vehicle.  Ideally, I would like to keep my current car a big longer, but it has recently turned on me and the repair bills are really starting to add up. In…

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