Guides and tips for parents who seek financial advice with growing children of all ages. From how to prepare for a newborn to opening a bank account for your teenager – here you'll find all the best ways how to plan ahead financially for the expansion of your family.

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Creating Super Human Kids

By FT September 21, 2009

As our toddler is approaching the 2nd year of life (terrible twos?), we have been contemplating various school systems and activities. We have thought about…

Bank Accounts For Kids

Canadian Bank Accounts for Kids

By Kathryn September 9, 2009

A few years ago we took the kids down to our local RBC and signed them up for a Leo Account. I did some online…

8 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy this Summer Without Going Broke

By Kathryn June 3, 2009

For those of you with school age kids, you’ll know that because of the timing of labour day this year, many school boards have opted…

Teaching Children about Money with The Moonjar

By FT November 26, 2008

Within the thread in my article “Teaching Kids about Money“, a representative from Moonjar left a comment regarding their Moonjar product for children.  As I…

Choosing a Baby Daycare Center – 10 Questions to Ask

By FT September 15, 2008

Even though our baby was only born in early spring, it appears that we are behind in the game to get into a good day…

Having a Newborn – Getting Down to Business

By FT April 15, 2008

Man, newborns sure do poop a lot.  I always knew that a lot of diaper changes would be required, but they go through diapers like…

Shopping for a Newborn II – Summary and Tips

By FT January 17, 2008

As you might have read from a previous post on Shopping for a Newborn – The List, buying everything brand new can be quite expensive. …

Should Spouse Stay at Home with Kids OR Work?

By FT June 27, 2007

I got a common young couple question from Fab (Cashflow 101 charity sponsor) a little while back about whether it's better financially for his wife…

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