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Lending Money through Kiva

This is a column by regular MDJ contributor Clark. Kiva is a non-profit organization that offers an avenue for individuals to loan money to low-income entrepreneurs across the globe. FrugalTrader had written about the Kiva organization during its infant days and I think that it might be worth revisiting them again through my personal experience.…

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Haiti Earthquake Relief – How You Can Help!

Written by Kathryn and FT – MDJ is matching contributions, more info below. For those wanting to donate to the earthquake relief in Haiti, it can be difficult to know where to give. As trusted financial writers we thought it would be best to share with you where we’re giving and why. The choice to…

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Charitable Contributions: Deciding Where to Give

I’ve noticed recently that more and more stores are raising money for different organizations, one dollar at a time. They also seem to be asking for more personal information. Inevitably after making a transaction at the checkout counter, the questions begin: “Would you like to give us your mailing address?” “Your e-mail address?” “A sample…

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Ever since Oprah decided to endorse it on her show, has become a huge hit.  With some curiosity (not sponsored), I decided to check out the site and see what they're really all about.  What is  They basically act as a medium for people to give non-profit loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. …

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Vote for your Favorite Charity!

Since we started the "Links for Charity" program, we have collected over $350 from generous contributors like Mortgages, Cashflow 101 Players, RedFlagDeals, and Fraser & Stephen Winters Remax.  Previously, $100 was donated to the Cancer Society and now it's time to pick another charity for another $100 donation.  As promised I will let you, the…

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Charities and their Management Expense Ratios

So far, we have collected over $250 in donation money though our "Links for Charity" fundraiser.  What exactly is the "Links for Charity" fundraiser?  It's basically a way for Million Dollar Journey to give something back to the community by selling ad space to various sponsors and donating all proceeds to registered Canadian charities.  Without…

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Links for Charity: First Donation!

Since starting the “Links for Charity” fundraiser a couple months back, we have reached our first $100 goal and as promised, I let you decide on the charitable organization. You have voted and I’m proud to announce that the Canadian Cancer Society has received a $100 donation. If you would like to contribute to our…

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