How to Start Making Money with YouTube

By FT / April 18, 2014 /

One of the oft-written about topics on financial blogs involves ways to save money. Saving money is certainly one piece of the ‘earn more and/or spend less’ mantra. Supplementing one’s primary income with part-time gigs/ventures can provide a fillip to stretched budgets and/or offer additional contribution to savings/investment accounts. With the ubiquity of the Internet,…

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Self-Employed Freelancer or Professional? How to File Your Income Taxes!

By FT / September 12, 2013 /

With fewer employers offering stable full-time positions, instead opting for part-time and contract work, self-employment is on the rise. According to the latest jobs numbers from Statistics Canada, self-employment rose 3.6 per cent in August 2013. With over 2.6 million Canadians relying on self-employment for their livelihood, it’s more important than ever to understand how…

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Canadian Youth Business Foundation Programs

By Clark / April 24, 2013 /

The Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) encourages entrepreneurship and minimizes youth unemployment by offering resources to convert ideas into viable businesses. Their programs target people aged 18 to 39 and assist them through their business cycle from conception through implementation to expansion by serving as mentors and offering financial assistance. There are a number of…

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Canada Small Business Financing Program

By Clark / April 10, 2013 /

Small business owners face a number of challenges to start and sustain an operation. One of the vital components to their success, apart from the typical key attributes, is their ability to obtain financing (unless they are among the fortunate few who have a windfall to kick start their entrepreneurial journey). The credit history plays…

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Retail Store Advertisement Strategies

By Clark / November 26, 2012 /

It is not uncommon to hear a friend, colleague, or relative discuss about how they went to the store to purchase X and returned after buying X and Y (sometimes just Y!). The reasoning for such an unplanned buy is usually attributed to the store’s deal, offer, or sale. Sometimes, these ads serve as helpful…

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How to Write a Business Plan

By Clark / August 8, 2012 /

Before starting any business, the potential owner can benefit a great deal by writing a business plan. If third-party financing is required for such a venture, then it may become essential to offer a plan including, but not limited to, the business idea, its goods or services, budget, source of funding, market potential, and marketing…

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Starting a Business? Here are the Four Business Types in Canada

By Clark / July 18, 2012 /

We have already discussed the types of business models and tax considerations for self-employed people. Another important decision to be made before starting a business is to choose a business type. There are four types of business structures available in Canada and this post will look at the attributes of each one of them. Corporation…

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How Much Does a Tim Hortons Franchise Cost and Profit?

By FT / March 19, 2012 /

With Tim Hortons being one of the most successful Canadian franchises, I’m willing to bet that you have wondered about the Tim Hortons business.  that is specifically how much revenue/profit a single location generates and how much it costs to start one up. While it’s apparent that owning a Tim Hortons is like having a…

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