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Snag Your Free Canadian Expat eBook

By Kyle Prevost March 28, 2021

Want to get paid a tax-free salary while working in a place where you don’t need to own a jacket or winter boots? Here’s the…

The Ten Roads to Riches

By FT May 1, 2017

One of my financial goals for the year was to sit down and read a bit more, and so far, this goal has been going…

Financial Goals Progress – Books I’m Reading

By FT March 13, 2017

One of the perks of being a personal finance blogger is that I receive more books in my mailbox that I have time to read.…

Let’s Get Blunt About Your Financial Affairs – Book Review and Giveaway

By FT November 23, 2015

Taxes! While most people hate them, I’m the strange type that enjoys optimizing tax strategies.  Surprisingly, I’m not alone in this.  Fellow blogger, Mark Goodfield…

The Moolala Guide to Rockin your RRSP – Book Review and Giveaway

By FT May 6, 2014

It has been a while since the last book review but this book, The Moolala Guide to Rockin your RRSP by Bruce Sellery, is one…

The Beginner’s Guide to Saving & Investing for Canadians – Book Announcement and Giveaway

By FT July 27, 2012

Going through school, the last thing I would consider myself was a writer. However, starting this blog in 2006 changed things where I discovered that…

How Not to Move Back In With Your Parents – Book Review and Giveaway

By FT June 4, 2012

It’s been a couple of years, but Rob Carrick is back again with another personal finance book that I would consider a must read for…

The Worried Boomer by Derek Foster – Book Review and Giveaway

By FT November 28, 2011

Derek Foster is back again with his sixth book – The Worried Boomer (link).  While his first five books were mostly about investing, this one…

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