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The Best of Million Dollar Journey – 2018 Edition!

By FT / December 31, 2018 /

Feels not too long ago that I was writing the 2017 year-end post, but here we are, the end of 2018!  This past year was significant in a few ways.  On a personal level, I started a new career that has helped me grow professionally and honestly has been a lot of fun.  There is…

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The Best of Million Dollar Journey: 2016 Edition!

By FT / December 30, 2016 /

It really feels as though each year goes by faster than the last and 2016 was no exception.  Perhaps it’s because I’m getting older, or maybe there is some truth in that time flies when you’re having fun.  To put that in context, if you’ve been following MDJ a while, you may remember my posts on having…

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The Best of Million Dollar Journey – 2014 Year in Review

By FT / December 22, 2014 /

It’s been a while since I’ve written an update about my personal finances so lets dive into an annual update. What a year 2014 has been – we’ve achieved a major milestone, sold a significant private business asset, all while facing decreased household income and limping through a significant oil correction. I started this blog…

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The Best of Million Dollar Journey – 2013 Edition

By FT / January 6, 2014 /

2013 has come and gone with over 120 articles published over the year.  A number of the articles were really popular with social media and/or traditional media so I thought I would bring them into the spotlight again. Here are the top Million Dollar Journey articles of 2013: Saving Money I updated my top free cash back…

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Best of Million Dollar Journey Oct 2009

By FT / November 7, 2009 /

Book Winners Seems that there was quite a bit of interest in the book “Super Trader” as there were numerous entries.  Out of all the entries, 3 were randomly chosen as winners of a free copy.  Here are the winners: Linda Jeff W. Desmond C. Top 5 Posts of October 2009 How Alternative Minimum Tax…

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Best of Million Dollar Journey: Sept 2009

By FT / October 9, 2009 /

Top 6 Articles for Sept 2009 Creating Super Human Kids – This was a popular post that I wrote while researching activities for our child.  It just seems overboard the number of activities that kids are involved with these days. Converting a Principal Residence into a Rental Property – A common strategy among home owners…

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Best of Million Dollar Journey: August 2009

By FT / September 4, 2009 /

Top 5 Articles for August 2009 Currency Exchange – Getting the Best Deal – This was a popular article that was featured in “The Globe”.  With CAD/USD exchange rates relatively low, some of us may be considering buying some USD to hold or spend.  The article explains various methods to lower the cost of currency…

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Best of Million Dollar Journey: July 2009

By FT / August 7, 2009 /

Top 5 Articles for July 2009 Tax Deductible Mortgage Plan – Worth it? – This article is an analysis of the increasingly popular TDMP.  This program basically automates the Smith Manoeuvre, but not without its faults. Radically Frugal – Are you frugal?  If so, in what ways are you radically frugal?  Kathryn goes through some…

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