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This past week, I reviewed the book “The Intelligent Portfolio” which explained how to create a risk adjusted portfolio with low fees and the reasoning for doing so. As usual, we held a giveaway for a free copy of the book. Out of the 88 entries, Terri was randomly chosen as the winner! Congrats Terri, enjoy the new book.

Weekend Reading

The Bank of Canada were expecting to drop interest rates another 0.25% on Tuesday past, but they surprised us with keeping the rates as they are due to inflationary pressure. Too bad, I was looking forward to another mortgage interest discount.

Wall Street Fighter reports that a trader made over $100k in 5 minutes doing bid/ask arbitrage on Berkshire stock!

Canadian Capitalist gives us the Five Basics for Financial Success.

Where Does All My Money Go writes about a new type of life insurance that could save us money called Fee Only Life Insurance.

PT Money hosted the latest Carnival of Personal Finance – The Songs of Summer Edition. We submitted our article on Airline Fuel Surcharges.

Thicken My Wallet has a great series on Building Wealth Through Owning a Business.

US News, the Planning to Retire section, tells us that Slashing Expenses Can Make Your Nest Egg Last Longer.

Four Pillars answers a reader question about Renovations And House Price .

No Credit Needed writes about Breaking The Addiction To Credit.

Consumerism Commentary personally explains How I Could Find $10,000 Per Year if Necessary.

The Financial Blogger
has a creative series on Financial Super Powers.

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