It’s been a while since my last book review and giveaway.  This time around I have the pleasure of reviewing a book written by a fellow Canadian blogger, Kerry Taylor of Squawkfox.  The book is called 397 Ways to Save Money and it includes some great frugal tips that pretty much everyone can use.

About the Author

Kerry K. Taylor is the author of the book 397 Ways to Save Money – Spend Smarter & Live Well on Less and is the creator of, a blog that makes frugal living fun. Kerry is also a journalist and a two-time Ironman triathlon finisher.

By combining commonsense thrift with an average income, Kerry paid off her debt of $17,000 in just six months and has since saved a six-figure portfolio.

What is the Book About

As it’s apparent from the title, the book is about various ways to save money.  How does Kerry come up with 397 ways to cut back on the bills?  She goes through every room in the house (+ more) and comes up with some creative ways to keep more money in your pocket.

Kerry separates the book into four parts:

  1. Big Decisions – Here she goes through the trials and tribulations of renting, home ownership, and shopping.
  2. Home Management – Tips for home maintenance, energy conservation and cleaning.
  3. Room by Room – Kerry goes through each room in the house and gives us her frugal tips.
  4. More Ways to Save – Save money on vacations, pets and even some frugal recipes.

Even though I’ve been known to be frugal once or twice, here are some ideas that I found useful:

  • Value of organic food shopping –  As I’ve written about the value of organic food before, Kerry clarifies what is worth buying organic and what isn’t.  Basically, the more the food absorbs pesticides (like peaches), the more value the organic version brings.
  • Stains – How to cost effectively get stains out of clothing using common household items.
  • The Garden – How to create homemade weed killer using vinegar and dish detergent.  As well, the cost effectiveness of growing vegetables in a pot!

Final Thoughts

My thoughts?  This is a great book written by a fellow Canadian blogger and frugalist.  Kerry has listed numerous, and useful ideas that anyone can easily use to keep more cash in their pockets.

Interested in frugal tips?  Here are 25 ways that I save money.

Want a Free Copy?

Kerry was generous in offering Million Dollar Journey readers the chance to win 2 copies of her book.  The details are below:

  1. Simply leave a comment here and you’ll automatically be entered in the draw for a free copy.
  2. Follow me on Twitter for an entry.
  • Please only 1 comment entry / person (please enter a valid email address).
  • Only those with a North American mailing address may enter (publisher rules, sorry).
  • Contest will end Friday 5pm EST June 5, 2009 and the winner announced shortly afterward!

Update: Entries are now closed!


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    397 ways to save money?! yes, please. as a senior this book would be most helpful.

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