It’s Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada which means a long weekend full of eating, resting and being thankful.  I will be taking it easy this weekend, so no post Monday.

Before I get into the link fest, I would like to announce the winner of a free copy of “When Markets Collide“.  Out of the 67 entries/comments, Larry was randomly chosen as the winner.  Congrats Larry, I hope you enjoy the book.

Without further adieu, here are some highlights from The Money Writers:

Lazy Man and Money talks about Jim Cramer’s latest advice on the bear market in Jim Cramer: Sell Your Stocks.

The Digerati Life does a money analysis of Obama vs McCain: The Presidential Candidates Sound Off On Your Money.

Generation X Finance being an advisor says that “Stay the Course” is Becoming a Hard Pill to Swallow in This Market.

Money Smart Life gives us career advice to help you get ahead and feel good about it.

Brip Blap lists 7 mistakes not to make in a crisis.

My Dollar Plan writes about Improving Middle Class Finances Through Education.

Frugal Dad asks Is Cash Still King?

The Sun’s Financial Diary explains that Fed Lowered Interest Rate in an Attempt to Halt Stock Market Free-fall.

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