Another month has blown by for Million Dollar Journey which included a few highlights.  Before we get to the top articles for the past month, I'd like to thank the regular commenters and readers.  Without you guys visiting and leaving your opinions, it would be very difficult to keep chugging away and writing content every day.  Thanks!

To reward readers, we occasionally give out prizes for the top commentator of the month.  For April, we offered a free copy of the book "Every Family's Business" to the one who commented the most.  The winner is the controversial and talkative commenter JR!  Congrats JR and thanks for contributing.

Top 5 Articles for the Month of April 2008

1. New Car every 10 years or Used Car every 5?

  • This article was quite popular this month.  Perhaps it was the pretty picture at the top.  This piece featured a comparison between buying a new car every 10 years or purchasing a used one every 5.  The article made some pretty big assumptions, but purchasing a car every 5 years won out.  Check it out for the details.

2. Ask the Readers: Giving Money as a Gift, How Much?

  • I really enjoy the "ask the reader" articles as it really draws a lot of conversation.  I commented in the article that for weddings, I typically give the cost of the meal plus a monetary amount.  Some of the readers thought I was crazy, others thought I gave too little.  The comments are gold on this one. 

3. Smith Manoeuvre Portfolio – April 2008 

  • As I started the Smith Manoeuvre about a month ago, this was my first portfolio update.  There seems to be a positive response from this post, so I may make it a monthly piece like the net worth updates.  What do you think? 

4. The Best Time to Start is Now 

  • This was one of my rare "philosophical/motivational" type posts.  The jist of the article was to give you a kick in the butt to get your finances in order.. starting now.

5. The Equity Collar – A Risk Reduction Strategy

  • Another quality guest post by Preet Banerjee of  Preet explains how to use covered call and put options to reduce risk and volatility in the stock market.  Must read for those with larger portfolios. 
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One thing about buying a used car is the extra time it takes to look at the various cars -especially private sales.

I enjoyed your Smith Man post – more so than the net worth since I don’t find net worth posts all that exciting (but they are ok).

I would suggest maybe doing the SM update every quarter? Every month might be too often since a lot of months there won’t be much to talk about. This might apply to the net worth posts too.

Just some ideas – no right or wrong answers!


I enjoyed the car post as well. The picture was appealing though..

Please keep the Smith Manoeuvre updates coming. This blog is really the only source for the nitty gritty details on SM.


FT – whatever works. The NW posts are relatively easy for you which also a plus.

Net Worth updates are useful to do once a month since you started this habit, having to post it for the blog makes sure that the calculation is up to date.

For SM updates, they are very useful as pointed out by DG, but every month might be too much.

I liked the motivational article this month, it is a good reminder to take action !

I agree that the post about cars was really inspiring.
I prefer used cars to new ones.

would like to see more from preet on his “equity collar” thread, since it is not a realistic profit maker, just a hedge.on the downside.

Maybe preet can post other option strategies that show how to make money in any market, as well as protecting on the downside.


Hi, I just discovered your blog today. Love the links on this post, especially the one about new/used vehicles. My husband also writes a debt free blog. Please feel free to check it out, it’s called Engineer a Debt Free Life at

I definitely think the Smith Man. post should be a regular feature!