With higher gas prices being the norm these days, how have they affected your lifestyle?  Do you drive less? Have your driving habits changed?

From where I live to my work place, there are very limited public transportation routes, so driving my car is pretty mandatory.  Even though I still drive every day, I practice various techniques and strategies to save gas.  To start, as we own two vehicles, one is smaller and more fuel efficient than the other which means the gas guzzler sits in the driveway more often.  In addition to that, my driving habits have changed where I’m more conscious of the added gasoline expense.  I find that I’m little lighter on the pedal, checking tire pressures more often, and keeping unnecessary items out of the car.  I even look forward to driving/drafting 2-3 seconds behind large trucks on the highway as it will reduce wind drag on my car.  Note that drafting is not recommended for everyone as it can be very dangerous.

So back to the question at hand, in the era of $1.50/L ($5.67/gallon) gasoline, has your lifestyle or driving habits changed with higher gas prices?

Photo credit: AgentAkit

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