In my goals for 2007, I stated that I would like to increase my charitable giving. I’m a bit late in starting my charitable giving plan, but better late than never right? I have a plan to leverage to increase charitable giving. How? By selling links and donating the proceeds to charity!

On the left side bar, you’ll notice a heading called “Links for Charity“. For you website owners out there, you can have your website listed there for a low monthly fee of $15. There will be space provided for up to 10 links. Due to the fact that we’re donating all proceeds to charities, there will not be any discounts for longer terms (I’m hoping to give as much as possible). Links are listed in a first come first serve basis. However, if a link above yours fails to renew for the upcoming month, your link will move up a space.

How do you, the advertiser, benefit?

  • You will receive a permanent link from this site. As you may already know, one of the biggest factors in search engine optimization (SEO) is getting link backs from other sites. See below for traffic stats.
  • Exposure to the intelligent readers of this personal finance blog.
  • ALL proceeds will go directly to a registered charity, so you get to promote your website/company while knowing that your advertising dollars are going towards a worthy cause.
  • I’m continually working to increase the traffic on this site.

How does Million Dollar Journey benefit?

  • We get to feel good about giving money to charity.

How do you, the loyal reader, benefit?

  • You get to visit the generous websites/companies that have made charitable contributions.
  • I will set up polls so that YOU get to decide which charities will receive our donations.

Traffic Info for Advertisers:

Million Dollar Journey Traffic Stats for January 2007

  • Google Page Rank: 3
  • Alexa Ranking: 378,870
  • Technorati: 201,778
  • January Unique Visits: 5631
  • January Pageviews: 8920

Million Dollar Journey Traffic Stats for Dec 2006 (Site started Dec 7, 2006)

  • Google Page Rank: 0
  • Alexa Ranking: 1,500,000+
  • Technorati: 800,000+
  • January Unique Visits: 2114
  • January Pageviews: 3862

If you are interested in participating in my “Links for Charity” project, please contact me by using this form.

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  1. Colourful Money on April 29, 2009 at 4:33 am

    Might want to update this post FrugalTrader. I see nothing in the left sidebar =)

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