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Archive for February 2017

How to Build a Dividend Growth Portfolio

If you’ve been following for a while, you will come to learn that I’m a fan of two investing strategies, index investing (buying the broad market with low fee ETFs/mutual funds) and income producing dividend growth investing. I like index investing for its ease, low cost, and ability to beat most active mutual fund returns…

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How and Why Asset Allocation Works

how and why asset allocation works

The first step in building a long term passive portfolio is deciding on your risk tolerance which means deciding on your split of equities/bonds.  To me, it’s not really deciding on the “risk” of your portfolio, but your tolerance for volatility (major swings in portfolio value). We know that the markets go up over the…

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Top Premium Cash Back Credit Cards in Canada

To follow up on my list of free cash back credit cards in Canada, I’ve had a number of readers come to me about the “fee” based cards that can offer more cash back, even after accounting for the annual fee. My favourite free cash back credit card right now is the Rogers World Elite Mastercard.  It…

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