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Archive for November 2008

Rewards Credit Cards, Book Winner and Money Links

No Fee Rewards Credit Cards As you may know already, I’m a big fan of no fee rewards credit cards and cash back credit cards.  If you have the discipline, it’s a great way to funnel your spending to accumulate the points/cash on money that’s going to be spent anyways.  Of course, these points programs…

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Moonjar Giveaway!

Yesterday I did a product review of a piggy bank like device, called the MoonJar, that helps teach children how to handle money.  More specifically, the Moonjar allows children to separate and store their money into 3 compartments; spending, savings, and sharing.  I think that this product is great for kids as both an educational…

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Teaching Children about Money with The Moonjar

Within the thread in my article “Teaching Kids about Money“, a representative from Moonjar left a comment regarding their Moonjar product for children.  As I have a little bambino crawling around the house, I emailed the rep with a few questions and they offered to send me a sample product for me (and the little…

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Ask the Readers: Advice during a Bear Market?

Jordan emailed me an interesting question regarding giving advice during a bear market that really hit home for me. What do you say to someone who has completely lost faith in this falling market? If they’ve lost their ever loving minds and now think there will be bank runs, CDIC insurance won’t work, and they…

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The Cash Flow Dam (Cash Damming) Explained

For the Smith Manoeuvre and tax minimization enthusiasts out there, you may have heard about The Cash Flow Dam (or cash damming).  Cash Damming is a fancy phrase for a fairly simple concept that can help optimize your taxes if you have a mortgage and a personal small business. What is The Cash Flow Dam?…

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Canadian Tire Gift Cards, Tip’d and Weekend Links

Canadian Tire Gift Card Discount Great Canadian Rebates has secured another “just in time for Christmas” deal with Canadian Tire Online to offer members 5% cash back (instead of 3.5%) on all Canadian Tire gift cards! How do you get the rebate?  Simply join Great Canadian Rebates (free), click through to Canadian Tire, and make…

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Common Job Interview Questions

Continuing on with my job interview tips, lets discuss some common interview questions that I’ve gotten over the years.  As some of you know, my career experience has been in the engineering field which may vary from other careers in terms of interviewing.  However, I can see these interview questions being fairly common in many…

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Job Interview Tips

After doing the same job for the past few years, I’ve been starting to get the itch to branch out and try new things.  Trying to find new work means breaking out of my comfort zone, updating my resume, and getting ready for interviews again.  You know what they say, growth comes when you get…

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