Last month I announced a program for to raise money for charity by selling link space and donating all proceeds to charity! After a bit of a wait, we finally have our first sponsor/donation, North x East – Web Entrepreneurship.

Collis, the blogger at North x East, is a web designer and has done a great job on his blog thus far. Here is an excerpt about the author:

So first of all a few vital statistics… My name is Collis, I am half English, half Iranian, I grew up in Papua New Guinea and I now live in Australia where I run a company called FlashDen that I cofounded in 2006. My background is in design – both web and graphic – though I once studied a degree in mathematics and computer science through the misguided thought that I could get by on talent and not passion. These days my fascination with the visual has been replaced with an obsession into business, the web and blogging – coincidentally the topic of this blog.

I have always enjoyed sharing things with others and for some reason even though I don’t know you and may never meet you in person or even online, I still feel a connection. Perhaps it is just the feedback from my keyboard as I hammer these keys in quick succession that leads me to believe I am actually speaking to someone, or perhaps it is the set of numbers that I obsessively check to tell me how many people have visited, commented and passed by this blog, whatever the case is, the reason I write here at NorthxEast is so that you read.

The blog covers topics such as:

  • Business Ideas
  • Blogging
  • Branding and Design
  • Buying and Selling Sites
  • Case Studies
  • Community
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Startup

So check out North x East and show your support, I know I will be visiting regularly.


  1. collis on March 22, 2007 at 12:06 am

    Thanks for the writeup, its my pleasure to be helping out. What charity are we contributing to by the way?

    And for anyone thinking about advertising here, it makes good business sense too, in the 2 days of advertising I’ve already received my first 20 something visitors!


  2. FrugalTrader on March 22, 2007 at 8:40 am

    Hey Collis,

    My pleasure. The charity that we will be donating to is undetermined right now. As promised, I will let the readers/sponsors vote on which charity to donate to when the funds build to a sensible level.


  3. Chryssy on March 22, 2008 at 12:58 pm


    I would like to advertise my charity. Can you guide me on the best way of doing this? Thank you.

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